Cutting Plotters 1


The CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 is our most popular cutter. The device is very easy to use and extremely accurate. It is the perfect choice for any novice sign maker and for companies that want to cut their own stickers, signage and textile transfers.

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Cutting Plotters 2

CAMM-1 PRO series

Choosing the CAMM-1 PRO series means selecting professional cutters with excellent cutting quality. These cutters offer you years of carefree use. Four models, according to the width of the material to be cut, are available.

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Cutting Plotters 3

STIKA series

The STIKA series comprises three user-friendly cutters that fit on any desk and worktable. Thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio, anyone can cut out stickers, heat transfers and signs. 

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Cutting Plotters 4

CAMM-1 GS-24

Expand your business with the CAMM-1 GS-24, our best vinyl cutter ever. Versatile, accurate and user-friendly: everything you need. But there is more. The GS-24 is also exceptionally reliable. It takes your business into the future, and much further.

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Cutting Plotters 5


The CAMM-1 GR series takes cutting productivity, precision and strength to the next level. Use as a stand-alone cutter or pair with your existing printer - it’s entirely your choice. But be sure, you can power up your business with the GR cutter series.

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