Roland DG showcases digital dental solutions across the IDS show floor

Visitors to IDS will be able to discover Roland DG’s popular end-to-end open digital milling solutions across 15 partner and dealer booths at the show, alongside Roland’s own flagship stand in Hall 3.1 - stand L030 and M039. This presence at the show is reflective of the increasing demand for Roland DG’s user-friendly and reliable digital technology, with over 2,800* units now sold worldwide.

Roland DG will demonstrate its affordable range of milling units for small and mid-size dental labs looking for a digital solution for the in-house production of prosthetics. The company’s milling units will be demonstrated in conjunction with high-class scanners, sintering furnaces, software and a wide range of milling materials to illustrate the versatility and compatibility of the mills.


The digital discussion

Roland DG invites customers to “join the digital discussion”, with a series of hands-on demonstration areas showing a range of digital milling solutions in action. A team of multi-lingual dental milling experts will be on-hand to answer questions from those new to digital milling wanting to find out how to start, to those that are looking to take their digital output to the next level. 

 “The benefits of going digital are significant. Digital processes and technologies optimize the workflows of dental labs and facilitate the cooperation of labs with dental practices. Precision and aesthetics improve the patient satisfaction and labs profit from the higher productivity thanks to faster turn-around times, high accuracy and reproducibility of work. In fact, digital technologies improve the efficiency and profitability of every dental lab,” says Dirk Sollmann, Head of the Medical Business Unit at Roland DG Central Europe.

Open systems allow integration

Being open systems, the Roland mills can be used together with popular scanners and CAD/CAM software. Dirk Sollmann explains: “Many labs are looking for a milling units that corresponds with their existing workflow. As our milling machines are open systems, they work well together with all sorts of scanners and software, so users can fit the Roland mills in their existing workflow without problem. However, we also have solutions for those new to the digital sphere,  partnering with top-class manufacturers of scanners, sintering furnaces, CAD/CAM software, tools and milling materials including Smartoptics, Mihm & Vogt, Vita, 3M ESPE, Exocad, HyperDent and many more.

This allows us to help our customers set-up a complete and customized digital workflow. And since the Roland mills are highly affordable, even small labs with limited resources can turn digital.”

Roland DG offers easy-to-use and compact mills, compatible with a vast range of materials including zirconia, PMMA, high performance polymers, wax, Peek and hybrid composites. This allows dental labs, big or small, to produce all sorts of prosthetic components digitally. Examples include crowns, bridges, frames, inlays, onlays and veneers.


Affordable 5 and 4-axis milling units

At IDS, the Roland 5-axis and 4-axis mills will be presented. The DWX-50 features 5-axis simultaneous machining capability, a 5-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor, and a diagnostic notification system that allows for minimal operator involvement. An integrated air blower system and an advanced dust collection system makes this one of the top Zirconia milling machines on the market. Additionally, the DWX-50 offers multicast capability, making it possible to connect up to four machines to one computer.

The DWX-4 is the world’s most compact, yet professional dental mill. It combines simultaneous 4-axis milling with simple one-button operation. An included automated tool changer provides two tools for precision milling from start to unattended finish. The DWX-4 can be enhanced with the addition of an optional 4-position automatic tool changer (ATC) which supports up to four different tool sizes. Moreover, the DWX-4 can mill up to four different pin-type materials simultaneously with an optional multi-pin clamp. As a result, prosthetics for up to four different patients can be produced in a single production run, saving time, labour and costs.

Discover the new DWX-4W wet grinding machine here

About Roland DG

Roland DG Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer of inkjet devices, milling and engraving machines, vinyl cutters and 3D-printers. Roland pioneered the development of Print&Cut technology and today is the number one brand of inkjet devices with more than 140,000 units** sold worldwide. More recently, the company entered the healthcare market with milling units designed specifically for creating high-quality dental prosthetics.

Under the name “Roland Easy Shape”, Roland DG markets its user-friendly solutions for dental labs and technicians worldwide. For more information, please visit


*The total number of DWX devices shipped from the company as of January 25, 2015.
**The total number of inkjet devices shipped from the company as of March 31, 2014.

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